Our Philosophy

Dr. Berkoff believes that virtually all problems can be solved by approaching them patiently, rationally, and scientifically.  Some patients seek us out because they experience pain, others because they have heard that this is a place in which they can become more healthy or reach athletic or other personal goals.  Regardless of the reason for your first appointment, rest assured that as our patient you will be treated with respect and caring, and that we will do our best every time to help you achieve your goals.

Each medical office is a bit different, and this is especially true of chiropractic practices.  Whether you are a long-time chiropractic patient relocating to the area or a first time chiropractic patient you may have certain specific ideas and expectations about what your experience will be like.

We encourage you to read more about our philosophy and what to expect during your first visit in the NEW PATIENT CENTER portion of our website.

Office Reception

We are ‘holistic’ but not in the sense that we dispense potions or dabble in esoteric forms of healing.  Rather, we approach the care of each patient with the understanding that the doctor-patient relationship is built on several factors, including respecting our patients’ time, privacy, needs, expectations, and pocketbooks.  Our patients are much more than the sore neck, aching back, or painful foot that sparked their decision to seek care.  Our patients are people to be helped, cared for, and cherished, and it is our chief concern to see to it that you are provided the highest level of service and integrity that we are able to offer.

About Dr. Berkoff

Dr. Berkoff, originally from New York City, has been living in San Diego since 1988.  He is an inventor, an artist, a writer, an athlete, a musician, an animal lover, and a voracious reader, but the centerpiece of his life is his chiropractic practice.  Alongside his colleagues, Dr. Michaels, Dr. Dembo, and Nurse Practitioner Jane O’Laughlin, and his front office manager, Yuki Shepherd, he has built his professional life with great care to reflect his version of the highest possible level of medical service.

Dr. Berkoff

Dr. Berkoff combines genuine caring, the application of rigorous scientific method, and an abiding respect for the different needs, concerns, and goals of each patient to create an environment of service, healing, and wellness.

Dr. Berkoff graduated from The State University of New York at Albany and The National College of Chiropractic where he was awarded the college’s Outstanding Graduate Award.  He has bachelors degrees in English, History, and Human Biology, and participated in a three year residency program in Neurology.  He has authored scientific papers published in major peer-reviewed medical journals and is the co-author of a textbook on the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal pain used in medical and chiropractic schools across the country.

Dr. Berkoff resides in La Jolla, with his wife Tricia, and their two cats, Mia and Tom.